Tallinn Fashion Weeki moemaraton 17.–20. oktoobrini Tallinna Kultuurikatlas

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lugeja 20. oktoober 2018 07:03
Mõttetu seltskond enamus "moeloojatest". Võiksid parem tootvale tööle minna. Siis oleks neist ka mingit kasu.
Totu 19. oktoober 2018 14:20
TFW is a non-denominational church situated on the north side of Macclesfield. Since our early days we have grown into a vibrant congregation, reaching out to the people of Tytherington, Macclesfield, and further afield in mission work around the world.
We are a church made up of lots of ordinary people, of all age groups. We love God, love life, and love each other (or at least we are learning how to). Our aim is to be a church family where everyone is valued and can belong.
We come from a variety of church backgrounds, and many of us from no church background at all. We’re an evangelical church, which means we believe the good news of Jesus (the gospel) is the most important news that anyone could hear.
We have a number of affiliations, including the Evangelical Alliance – a body which represents over 2 million Christians in the UK, and the The UK Willow Creek Association.