Purjus Madonna mõnitas fänne (3)


Madonna vastus sellele lollusele. 19. jaanuar 2016 11:39
"Working on my stand up laying down🍷🍷good practice!!! 👍🏻Thanks Louisville! 😂 the tears of a clown soon to follow the ❤ ‪#‎rebelhearttour‬ and for those people who like to believe all they read i never drink and perform!!! My show is 2 hours and 15 minutes of non stop singing and dancing. In Louisville I made a joke about doing a stand comedy act dressed as a clown and being able to drink alcohol. Its so very interesting how society continues to not only treat me in a totally sexist way (if i a were a man no one would have said a thing) and also continue to take everything i say literally!Thats what happens when people don't read books and get all information from TMZ" -Madonna
Madonna 19. jaanuar 2016 11:05
See tädi peaks juba pensile minema,kaua ta lõõritab lavalaudadel.Mida iganes.
aga 19. jaanuar 2016 12:39
niikaua lõõritab kui ise tahab ja niikaua kui tal fänne on, tuurid on edukad ja vaevalt ta sinu ruigamise peale oma karjääri maha paneb.